Food Distribution and Food Poverty in Australia

Food Distribution and Food Poverty in Australia

It’s pretty amazing how much food can go to waste!

The Commonwealth Agriculture, Water and Environment department estimates we waste around 7.3 million tones of food each year – equaling about 300kg per person, or one in five bags of groceries. Food waste costs the economy around $20 billion each year and accounts for more than five per cent of Australia's greenhouse gas emissions.

All in all, it’s estimated that we waste 30% of the food we produce. Reducing this level of waste will be of huge benefit to both the environment and the economy. To do this, we need to make continuous improvements to supply chain efficiency, make changes in the way we market food, and improve consumer education.


Image: Scott Warman

Australian farmers produce enough food to feed 75 million people: three times what is needed; most of what isn’t consumed locally is exported to other countries. We’re fortunate enough to be among a very small contingent of nations who can be entirely food self-sufficient if need be. But still, people in Australia can, and still do go hungry.

Ronni Kahn noticed the huge volume of food going to waste within the hospitality industry, and in 2004 started an operation out of the back of a van: delivering 4000 meals to those in need inside her first month.


Image: OzHarvest food rescue loading van.

Sixteen years later, 3500 food donors across Australia rescue over 180 tonnes of food every week that supermarkets, hotels, airports, wholesalers, farmers, corporate events, catering companies, shopping centres, delis, cafes, restaurants, film and TV shoots and boardrooms would have once simply thrown away. 

OzHarvest collects quality excess food from all these places, then directly delivers it to more than 1300 charities across the country which support people in need. They are Australia’s leading food rescue organisation. It’s a phenomenal achievement.Vandero-providing-meals-Australia

Image: OzHarvest Volunteer 

VanDeRō wanted to be a part of this phenomenon. Every jar of mustard that’s purchased from our range of gourmet flavours contributes to the great and important work that OzHarvest does. Our 1 Jar = 1 Meal campaign isn't “special”, it’s an ethos. It’s an ongoing promise with OzHarvest to provide a nourishing meal to vulnerable Australians and be a part of the solution.Vandero-charity-promise-Ozharvest-partnership

Image: VanDeRo's ethos emblem found on each jar of gourmet mustard.

People shouldn’t have to go hungry, and if we can help you get some sensational flavours on your plate, we can help get some nourishing meals in hungry bellies across Australia.


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